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Send personalized mass WhatsApp messages

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Send customized messages in 4 steps:
1. Write your message
2. Select your contacts
3. Preview
4. Send each message

WhatsBlast is perfect for marketing and communication on WhatsApp.

> Personalize your messages
WhatsBlast will dynamically add the firstname, and/or lastname of your contacts depending on your needs. The WhatsApp app will be opened for each contact with the customized text and the contact filled. You will just have to send them!

> Manage your groups
Create and edit your contact groups. Then you can send the right WhatsApp messages to the right people.

> Avoid mistakes
Preview your messages before sending them! You can then edit each message before sending.

> Get more answers and clics
Because the messages are sent from your account, your contacts will see your number and know it is coming from you! You will then receive more answers than a non customized message sent by a third party number.

WhatsBlast app is shut down

Sorry, due to the violation of the Term & Conditions of WhatsApp, I am in the obligation to shut down this app. Read more.

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